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We take pride in all that we do,we love to cook and we love to share--we make food just for you.

Welcome to Terra Americana! My name is Julie Cecchini Cook, I am the founder of this destination.

It is a one stop shop for creative cooking. We hope to inspire you with recipes, ingredients and ideas.

Our story is a journey. It evolved from a fusion of my loves for food and travel. Starting with my two grandmothers. Nana was an elegant Irish lady who showed me the world. Grandma, whose real name was Rocci Valentine, was a force to be reckoned with. That lady stole the show and one of her favorite places was the kitchen. They influenced me to gain knowledge on distant shores but remember my roots.


I've traveled the world looking for unique and inspirational stories. 

From farmers markets in Springfield and Seattle to the silk market in Shanghai I am always looking for innovations to share.

Our most creative collaborations have been with brides.  The first favors we created were for Margaret Olbrych's bridal shower.  The information we had to go on was they loved anything Irish and Margaret was infatuated with going for pedicures.  Ashley Beluzo was our resident artist at the time.  She fashioned bags out of paper and painted shamrocks on each.  We filled them with foot soak and a scrub brush.  The bride to be and guests could not have been more thrilled.

It was our first pedicure package and thousands of happy customers later we are grateful for the collaboration with Margaret and the standard of creativity Ashley set at Terra Americana.

During the Holidays we have a small but loyal retail following in our Massachusetts showroom.  When we opened our Etsy store the expectation was to get our standard products in front of a new retail audience and supplement 4th quarter sales.   Instead Etsy has put us in front new customers who fall into the custom category.  We could not be more pleased.  

Through brainstorming and trouble shooting we are working with a subscription box company to create a new mix to suit an upcoming promotion.  It is what we do best and we are thrilled Etsy has given us a new channel for reaching customers.

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