The first favors we created were for Margaret Olbrych's bridal shower.  The information we had to go on was they loved anything Irish and Margaret was infatuated with going for pedicures.  Ashley Beluzo was our resident artist at the time.  She fashioned bags out of paper and painted shamrocks on each.  We filled them with foot soak and a scrub brush.  The bride to be and guests could not have been more thrilled.

It was our original pedicure package and thousands of happy customers later we are grateful for the collaboration with Margaret and the standard of creativity Ashley set at Terra Americana.

We have been creating custom solutions for over two decades.  Our award winning design team specialized in listening to you first and creating second.

It is important that you know your budget and have a vision for your favors.

Typically contact is initiated through e-mail.  We establish details, such as quantity, price range, theme, colors.  From there were create a visual mock up of what we can do, this will include options for packaging as well as different price points.

Questions to think through before placing an order;

  • Does the expense add value to your event?

  • Will your guests appreciate them?

  • Is it something you could do yourself?